Streamable enables its users to keep track of the total views for uploaded videos, how many users are currently watching the videos, and views over time. If you're a paid Streamable customer (Basic, Pro, or Business), you can also see views by geography, views by device, and views by page sources (for embeds). Below you'll find a walkthrough of these features. 

Viewing video analytics

To see the detailed analytics for any of your videos:

  1. Select the More menu from your video detail cards.
  2. Click the Analytics option to open details for that video.

Standard video analytics

Standard video analytics are available to all customers and help you understand how much your video has been viewed and how many people are viewing it right now.


Total views are the total number of times a video has been viewed on Streamable or in the Streamable player. This is also displayed by default on the video detail page and any video collections pages.

Live views

Live views are the number of current (real-time) viewers watching your video at the moment. Track your video's popularity as you post it.

Views over time

The views over time chart shows when customers viewed your video over time (since it was uploaded). Please note that this chart will not include real-time viewers.

Paid video analytics

Some of our video analytics features are only available to customers with paid Streamable plans for their videos. These paid features are:

Top regions

The top regions stat breaks down your viewers by country and visualizes your viewers in a world map so you can quickly see where your video is getting seen.

Top Sources

Top sources show you where your embedded videos are getting seen whether that is your own website, your social media profiles, or elsewhere on the web. Top sources helps you track where your video is getting traction.

Top Devices

Top devices breaks down your video views across devices including desktop, mobile, tablet, and connected TVs.

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