Why was my video removed?

We understand that having your videos removed can be frustrating. If we find content on our platform that violates our Community Guidelines, we may take action against your account with the violating video. If your video is removed it will no longer be available to the public and you will receive a message that states  “This video has been removed for violating our Terms of Service” when you attempt to view it. 

Why was my sporting video removed?

We will remove videos which contain copyrighted material from sports such as wrestling, soccer, motorsports and hockey just to name a few that do not fit in with our EDSA (Educational, Documentary, Scientific or Artistic) guidelines. Streamable partners with MLB (Major League Baseball) and we will not remove those videos for copyright violations. 

Why was my gaming video removed?

If your video contains copyrighted material such as including audio clips of songs for example, we may remove it for an IP (intellectual property) violation.

If your video contains content that violates other parts of our community guidelines such as discrimination and hate we may also remove it. We will also take action on titles of videos that may violate our guidelines.

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