Legacy Plans

If you have a Streamable subscription and it shows as a 'legacy' plan, it means you have a plan that is no longer available to new Streamable subscribers. You can keep your legacy plan for as long as you like but if you cancel the plan and decide to resubscribe to Streamable, it's not possible to resubscribe to the legacy plan.

You can, at any time, update your subscription to a new plan by going to streamable.com/billing and clicking 'Change' under your plan. Please note that if you change to a current (non-legacy) plan, you cannot go back to the legacy plan.

PayPal customers: if you are a customer with a legacy plan via PayPal billing, you can keep your subscription like any other legacy plan. If you want to upgrade to one of the new plans, you'll have to cancel your plan via PayPal and setup a new subscription via the website as our current plans do not accept PayPal payments.

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