Frequently Asked Questions

What is Streamable?

Streamable is the world's easiest way to publish video. It's simple, fast, and it's free.

How do I upload stuff?

You can start by tapping on the blue upload button or by clipping from a supported site. We'll upload, encode, host, and stream your video seamlessly to all computers and mobile devices.

How do I publish stuff?

Click on the embed button below a video and paste the code into your CMS. All videos also come with a unique link which you can share wherever you like. Sweet!

Do I need to sign up?

Signing up is never required to upload or watch videos. However, if you'd like to keep track of everything you've uploaded, you should create an account.

Can I monetize my videos?

Publishers and enterprises can run video advertising using a variety of supported video advertising formats.

Are there any limits?

There is a 10 minute limit on video duration and a maximum file size of 1GB for direct file uploads.

How long are my videos stored?

Videos that are inactive for 3 months are deleted in order to make room for new content. For paid plans, videos are deleted only upon request.

What kind of formats can I upload?

Basically anything that resembles a video file. For best results, you should follow our recommended settings. If your video doesn't upload correctly, please let us know.

Can I upload adult content?

Nope. No gore or violence either.

What if someone uploads my content without permission?

If you think that a video on Streamable infringes upon any copyright that you own or control, please file a DMCA notification with our Designated Agent as detailed here.

You didn't answer my question.

Please contact us.

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