NBA Playoffs / Streamable FAQ

Streamable is very excited to be working with the National Basketball League (NBA) for the 2019 Playoffs! Please read the following FAQ for more details about our agreement.

Why is there an NBA Playoffs logo on Streamable videos?

As part of our agreement with the NBA, we'll be showing a small logo in the corner of videos that our system tags as NBA content.

What happens if I click on the logo?

We'll send you to the NBA official site where you can check the schedule for all NBA games that are happening during the Playoffs this year. We may also send you to a survey from time to time in order to get your feedback.

What if the video isn't an NBA video?

If you think our system incorrectly tagged a video as NBA content, please contact us with a link to the video and we'll get it fixed right away.

Can I get paid for uploading NBA videos?

At this time there is no money being exchanged between Streamable and the NBA, and there are no plans to allow users to enable monetization of this content.

What's next?

If this test is successful, we may open up new initiatives with the NBA such as dynamic logos, access to clipping of classic games, and more. If you have any ideas for cool stuff we can do, we're all ears!

You didn't answer my question.

Please contact us or send us an email with any other questions.

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