Recommended Video Settings

Generally we try to do as little encoding to your video as possible in order to preserve source quality. However, videos with very high bitrates must be compressed in order to stream properly over all internet connections.

Here are some bitrates which you should try to stay under:

Format: H.264 (if your video ends in .mp4 you're probably good)

Level: Main Profile 3.1 or lower

720p | 60FPS: Under 7M bitrate

720p | 30FPS: Under 5M bitrate

480p | 60FPS: Under 4M bitrate

480p | 30FPS: Under 3M bitrate

As long as you upload in the specified format and your video falls under the acceptable bitrate range, we won't touch it. This means your videos will upload faster and will stream in the highest quality possible. If possible, these settings should be the goal for any upload.

Please note: this only applies when you're viewing on laptop and desktop - mobile viewers will continue receive a lower-resolution version that's optimized for maximum compatibility.

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